Today is the first of December 2020. This has been a long and winding year but it’s going to end with one positive thing. It is called Advent of Code and is the most amazing hackers event. Check it out at

I am solving problems in Clojure this year and will document some solutions on this blog. Besides AOC’20 I’ll try and write one or two tech posts on a weekly basis.

As for me. I am a 35 year old hacker with a mass of experience in developing software. My first run-in with software development was ye-olde Commodore 64 where I experimented with QBASIC and wrote a bunch of simple programs before I even knew what code actually was.

From QBASIC I jumped through many hoops, Turbo Pascal, C++, Python. At University it was Java. Later on I worked commercially on Python, Go back-ends. More recently it was Java EE again. I’ve had encounters with C# and PHP. My favorite programming language of all times remains Python (with types excluded).

Last programming language which I am still learning is Rust and I am actually writing these blog posts in cred editor which is being coded in Rust. Cred has plenty of bugs but in general its usable and I intend to slowly stabilize it over following months.

And with that I conclude the grand opening of this blog.